Friday, April 29, 2011

Leap-up Day!!!

Today is Leap-up Day! That means that Christopher gets to experience kindergarten for a couple of hours. They will go to music and PE and have a snack - sounds like a great Leap-up Day to me, but he's going to be really disappointed when real kindergarten isn't like that (and it's ALL day, not just two hours). Last night, when I told him about going to school today, Christopher was excited. He woke up early this morning and got dressed without much fuss (a first!). But as the time got closer to the time we needed to leave, Christopher did NOT want to go. I was afraid of this and kept telling him the fun things he would do. By the time it was time to go, he was fine and excited to go.Having his name tag pinned on.
Playing with the Star Wars stuff when he first arrived.
Posing with Mrs. Navotny, one of the kindergarten teachers (and a friend of mine - I really hope he gets her next year!!!).

It Must be Spring!

It must be Spring because we are doing Spring things!

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful that JJ spent the afternoon on a tandem bicycle with his friend, Jackson.

While JJ was touring the neighborhood, Kelly and Christopher (but mostly Kelly) planted flowers in one of our front flower beds. (Actually, it was the dad's idea. He's tired of looking like white trash because we have a boy who likes to farm in that flower bed - see the post here. The dad is hoping that the flowers will keep the boy out of that "field" and into the sandbox that we've had in the backyard for TWO YEARS.)

We will probably add more flowers eventually and we will plant the flower bed on the other side of the steps sometime next week, we hope.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We have a family tradition of making a bunny cake on Easter. Sometimes it's a sitting up bunny and sometimes it's just the face. This year we made the face bunny. (Christopher took this closeup picture of the face.)The whole bunny.
The cake decorators, Christopher and Kelly. Christopher was in charge of putting the polka dots (M&Ms) on the bow tie. Kelly was in charge of the piping. Dad frosted the blue bow tie and I frosted the white.

JJ & Christopher in their new Easter tie and vest/tie, respectively.
Kelly in her Easter dress.
Kelly holding Leslie in the "Kelly chair".
Leslie in her Easter dress and John in his new tie. Leslie hates the headband (she must be related to Grandma Layton) and you can see in the next two pictures that she is taking it off. We didn't even take it to Church because it would have ended up in the diaper bag before we even got in the doors. It's still a cute picture, though. (Kelly loves Leslie's dress and wishes there was one in her size because it's blue and it has butterflies on the fabric, little ruffles around the bottom and two flowers on the bodice.)

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we were invited to the Hopkins for an Easter egg hunt. It was very relaxed and absolutely perfect! The weather was a bit chilly and there was a little bit of wind but otherwise it was perfect.Kelly, getting ready for battle.
Christopher finding eggs - an action shot!
JJ had the choice to hide the eggs or hunt for them. He's 12 now so he decided to help hide the 300 eggs. He hid some of them in the rim of the trailer. Silly boy! (As "payment" he got his favorite candy - that he didn't have to share with anyone!)

Leslie enjoyed the hunt from the top of Daddy's shoulders. (Notice that they have the same hair growth - or non-growth - patterns. Leslie looks like she has a mohawk all the time.)
I wanted to get a picture of Kelly but they had just announced that there were still more eggs to find. The kids had each already found the limit set at the beginning of the hunt and had been told to go find more. She didn't want to stop for a picture and told me we could do it later. One of the eggs Kelly found had also been "found" by a squirrel. The egg had been chewed open and all the goodies were gone. The eggs had only been hidden in the yard about 30 minutes before the hunt began. Those are fast squirrels!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Grade Music Program

Kelly's third grade program, "Musical Bits & Pieces", was Thursday night. She did a great job!You can see Kelly, waiting in the back to go onto the stage. Her teacher, Mrs. Gilpin, is in the front of the line.
This picture was taken during the afternoon performance for the rest of the school.
Kelly played the boomwhackers during one of the songs (see the video below).
All I can say is thank goodness for iTunes and the free episodes I downloaded of Curious George, Jimmy Neutron and Chuggington. Between the iPod and an occasional jelly bean, Christopher was perfect during the whole evening performance!

Kelly's speaking part - "The main an exercise...for the tongue and mouth...thanks to the syllables...dee and deet."

(I can't get the other two videos to load right now. I've been trying all afternoon. I'll try it again later.)

Alabaster Caverns

A couple of weeks ago JJ went with the sixth grade to Alabaster Caverns near Freedom, Oklahoma. He took the camera and took LOTS of pictures - I mean TONS of pictures - like 187 of them. Below is just a few of the MANY pictures he took.

John, in the high school gym before they got on the buses.
They stopped at a park to eat lunch on their way down. The kids all took turns jumping off the swings there. Whomever took this picture of John did a great job capturing him mid-jump.
Above and below - random pictures of the caverns.
A bat. Yes, a bat. GROSS.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Birthday Wish...

to Grandpa Layton. We hope you have a great day!!!

(yes, completely unrehearsed - totally the kids, in all their glory!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hare

She's definitely a tortoise! Leslie won't win any land speed records but she is consistent. Tonight she followed me all over the Church while we were cleaning it. That's when I pulled out my camera and shot this little video. (You can hear Kelly giving Christopher instructions on how to clean the glass doors.)