Tuesday, September 3, 2013


 We had our first-ever BURGERS & BULLETS on Labor Day!  I have wanted to hold a Burgers & Bullets ever since John's mission companion posted about theirs a few years ago.  Luckily we now live in the perfect place to hold a Burgers & Bullets.  There are only three houses on our section (that's a square mile for you city folk, haha) and there are no other houses for at least three miles to the east for us so we used that as our shooting range.

We had three other families and two of JJ's friends so I think our grand total was 24.  I think everyone had fun... I sure did!

 Some of the littler kids picked up the used bullets and saved them in a box.

 The men!  I think they had fun comparing guns and talking about gun stuff.

 Testing out the pistols.

 Yes, I shot a pistol.  John said this needs to be "my" gun when I finally get my concealed carry permit.  It was fun to shoot but gave a little kick.  I'm still a bit of a wimp around guns - okay, a big wimp!

 A couple of the girls had pink headphone things.  Leslie borrowed one and wore it them the whole time.  We might have to invest in a pair.  (Earlier I had tried to get her to wear some of our red ones and she was not having it!)

 Topper is pulling the clay pigeon thrower _______, JJ is sitting on the tailgate, ready to shoot and Ammon is shooting.
 Shooting her new pink .22.

 Even the little kids shot the cricket .22 gun.

 This is one of my favorite shots.  Jiggs is pulling, and from left to right, the shooters are Topper, JJ, Debbie and Ammon.

 Another little guy with the cricket.

 Loading up for the next round.

 Debbie and I trying the shotguns.  I really think I hit one, but it was probably luck.

 Kelly pulling, JJ & Topper shooting.  (They are both decent shots, but I think there are a ton of WHOLE clay pigeons out in the field.)

 Debbie (behind me) and I getting the shotgun "class" from our husbands.

Debbie & I shooting the pigeons.

The aftermath.

After all the shooting, we had a great BBQ.  Thanks for all the good food, Ladies!

We had to have one of these pictures... all the moms with the guns.  (By the way, the gun I'm holding is the ONLY gun that John owned when we got married.)

I think everyone had a chance to shoot a gun.  I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone shooting, but some of the time I was being the hostess and some of the time I was just visiting (lotsa visiting).  We had a great time and are looking forward to the next one!


ajwhet10 said...

Sounds SOOOO fun! That's an activity my family would LOVE!!

Jennilee said...

how awesome of an activity is that!! congrats on pulling it off!!

robyn said...

Gotta love that picture of Leslie in pink! Such a cutie pie! and that Charlie's angels one made me smile, I don't know that I've ever seen that pose done so well with real guns! Nice job Christine!!