Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Days of School 2013

It's that time of year again... Mother's Day! All my mess makers head back to school. Unfortunately, they take my good helpers with them and leave me alone to clean the house and take care of Leslie's every need.
John is a freshman in high school.  He made the decision to wear his work boots to school.  Silly kid.

Kelly is a sixth grader in middle school.  She wanted pictures taken of her outfit with and without the shrug.

Christopher is a 2nd grader.  He didn't start school until Wednesday (today) but had an interview/test with his teacher on Monday so we took pictures.  (Below is Chris posing like a zombie.)

All the kids together.

Being in high school, John didn't want me to take them to school on the first day or take pictures of him in front of the school so we compromised and I dropped them off a block from the school and took a picture of them walking the rest of the way.

Christopher in front of his classroom door and pointing to the robot with his name on it - that's where he'll keep his coat and backpack.

With his new teacher after his interview.  She's an intern - first year teacher and very excited.  Unfortunately for her, she just found out she got the position last week so she's been scrambling.

Christopher, ready to head to school on the first day, today!

Getting on the bus in front of our house.  It's nice to have door to door service.

Leslie and I celebrated this great occasion by going to the donut shop for a little treat with some friends!