Thursday, March 31, 2011


It doesn't matter what time you start church, if you have a baby, it's always during the baby's naptime. Leslie is usually pretty good during church, but is in desperate need of a nap when she gets home. A couple of Sundays ago we got home from church and I got busy doing something in the other room while Leslie drank her pre-nap bottle. She was playing so nice and quietly that I didn't think anything of it until I walked into the living room and found her like this....

(Notice the stuffed animal under her head.) I would have just carried her into her bed but she was a stinky mess (and she never falls asleep when she has a messy diaper). She did, thank goodness, fall back to sleep in her bed after I changed her.


Leslie is mobile. I looked up the other day and she had crawled under her walker/exersaucer. Silly girl couldn't get herself out.

Sometimes you feel like getting dressed....

and sometimes you don't.I walked into the living room one day and saw Christopher playing, naked, in front of the television. Apparently the Legos and Micky Mouse Clubhouse was too much of a distraction and he couldn't completely follow the directions to get dressed!

Lazy, lazy, lazy

I've been a lazy blogger lately, but that has to change - TODAY!!! There are so many things I want to get recorded before I forget all the details. So, my challenge today is to blog a lot. I'll schedule the posts so they pop up over the next couple of days. Just wait... tons of cute pictures coming, too.