Thursday, August 25, 2011


On Friday, July 22nd, we had our first visitors since moving to North Platte. John's sister, Jan, her daughter, Jessica, and Jessica's two daughters, Morgan and Rebekah, drove from North Carolina to Nevada. They were on a tight schedule so rather than making them drive all the way down to the farm (it's 30 minutes one way), we met them at McDonald's for lunch - everyone's got to eat, right? We had a good visit and the kids played a bit (North Platte doesn't have a playland at any of their fast food restaurants - what's up with that?). Then Jan, Jessica, Morgan and Rebekah were on their way.

Jessica and Rebekah.
Jan, Jessica, Morgan and Rebekah.

Kelly and Morgan playing with their Happy Meal toys.
All the kids.
John, holding Leslie and Jan - with her diet coke, ready for the long drive to Salt Lake City.

The Pool

One thing we really loved in Pratt were the swimming pools. In addition to the big pool ($1/person and had a ton of lifeguards on duty at all times) there were two free wading pools at a couple of the parks in town. JJ & Kelly would spend the afternoon at the big pool while I sat in a lawn chair, in the shade, visiting with friends while Christopher and Leslie played at the wading pool.

Christopher and his best friend, Allee, having a water fight. Don't worry, she got him back!

There was a little tub for the kids to wash their feet before they got into the pool. It was the perfect "pool" for Leslie. She spent a lot of time in it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last few days in Pratt

Here are some pictures from our last few days in Pratt... John and Kelly with Mrs. Fisher, their piano teacher. She also taught music at the elementary school so the kids knew her well. The kids really liked Mrs. Fisher. (JJ didn't like taking piano lessons - still doesn't - but liked Mrs. Fisher.)

Christopher with the story time librarian, Miss LeeAnn. Chris LOVED going to story time and often asked if we could stop at the library to visit Miss LeeAnn.
Just a couple of pictures of Leslie. You can see the ever-present necklace. She always has a "pretty" around her neck. Looking at these pictures, Leslie looks so young. She's a big girl now compared to six weeks ago.
I think I took this picture because she climbed up on the couch all by herself. Again, notice the necklace - but don't notice the baby-barf marks around her neck. She still chucks a little bit but not nearly as much as before.


Now that the kids are back in school, I'm going to work on getting the blog updated. I have months and months worth of pictures to blog. I'm also going to get my house clean (we get company tonight!!! Yay, Tim R.) and hopefully it will stay clean all day (except that I have Leslie but she only makes smallish messes right now - but the kids do get out of school at 1:00 so we'll have to see how clean it stays). Anyway, I'm on the timer today - 15 minutes for cleaning, 15 minutes for blogging. We'll see how it goes. Check back.....

Swimming Lessons

Clear back in June, when we still lived in Pratt, Christopher took swimming lessons. It was called "Splash Class" and was geared toward younger kids who had a bit of fear of the water. It was perfect for Christopher. Most of the time he just held on to the kick board and walked from edge to edge, but that's more than he did the previous year. One day he actually put his head in the water. That was HUGE. I loved Splash Class - private lessons, five days for $7. Can't beat that!Walking...


Walking through a hula hoop...

More walking...
(That's his teacher next to him. I think his name is Josh but it might be Justin. I know it's a fairly popular J name, though. I'll have to ask Christopher if he remembers.)

The First Day of School...

Or, as I like to call it, MOTHER'S DAY!!!

The kids started school today. It was a short, mental/emotional trial to figure out which school they should attend. We live in the Wallace District but are 30 miles from that school (and they don't bus). I thought about sending them to North Platte Schools since they are closer (20 miles) but then found out that North Platte does not bus either - not even the "country" kids. That doesn't work for me. (They were willing to pay my gas one way, to the farthest school from the house, but I would still be in the hole about $12 each day in gas, not to mention the 30 minutes each direction, twice a day... Again, that doesn't work for me.) So, we decided to try Maywood School in the town of Maywood. Maywood is about 25 miles south of us but they bus. I just have to drive the kids six miles on the dirt road where the bus will pick them up on the highway. That part is still not ideal, but the rest of it is... The school (K-12) has only about 150 students attending. They do not combine grades so each class is VERY small. JJ is one of 11 students (10 boys, one girl). Kelly is one of 10 students (five boys and five girls). There are eight students in Christopher's class (seven boys, one girl). I am excited that they will get so much individual attention with such small classes. JJ has to take band and 7th grade Ag.

John - 7th grade - can't get the dang kid to smile, but at least he posed for a picture.

Kelly - 4th grade - she's been wanting a John Deere shirt all summer now because, as she says, "We're farm people, Mom. We're farm people!" Kelly slept in sponge rollers last night so she could have curly hair for the first day of school.

Christopher - Kindergarten - He has been waiting FOREVER to wear his new shoes and his Lego Star Wars shirt. His backpack has been packed FOREVER and he was excited about his Lightning McQueen lunchbox.

The whole group - Leslie wanted to get in the picture, too. She kept walking over to JJ, asking to be picked up.

JJ in front of the Junior-Senior High School part of the campus.

Kelly, in front of her classroom. She is in a permanent "portable".

Christopher in front of his classroom. The sun was in his eyes so I had to step in front of him and block it with my shadow. He has his resting mat under his arm. School is going to be a shock to his system. He is used to sleeping in until 9:00, grazing all day, watching TV and playing whenever/whatever he wants. Now he'll be on the bus by 7:30 and off about 4:15. I think he'll love it, though. (I did tear up for just a minute when I gave him a hug goodbye.)

For the grandparents... This is a picture of the whole campus. JJ's classes are in the brown building on the left. Kelly's classroom is in the white building in the middle. Christopher's classroom is behind the trees that are just to the right of Kelly's building. The big brown wall on the right is where the cafeteria is. The playground is to the right of the cafeteria. The football stadium is to the left of the Jr/Sr High. The grass you see is in the middle of the drop-off driveway loop.