Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last few days in Pratt

Here are some pictures from our last few days in Pratt... John and Kelly with Mrs. Fisher, their piano teacher. She also taught music at the elementary school so the kids knew her well. The kids really liked Mrs. Fisher. (JJ didn't like taking piano lessons - still doesn't - but liked Mrs. Fisher.)

Christopher with the story time librarian, Miss LeeAnn. Chris LOVED going to story time and often asked if we could stop at the library to visit Miss LeeAnn.
Just a couple of pictures of Leslie. You can see the ever-present necklace. She always has a "pretty" around her neck. Looking at these pictures, Leslie looks so young. She's a big girl now compared to six weeks ago.
I think I took this picture because she climbed up on the couch all by herself. Again, notice the necklace - but don't notice the baby-barf marks around her neck. She still chucks a little bit but not nearly as much as before.

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