Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Pool

One thing we really loved in Pratt were the swimming pools. In addition to the big pool ($1/person and had a ton of lifeguards on duty at all times) there were two free wading pools at a couple of the parks in town. JJ & Kelly would spend the afternoon at the big pool while I sat in a lawn chair, in the shade, visiting with friends while Christopher and Leslie played at the wading pool.

Christopher and his best friend, Allee, having a water fight. Don't worry, she got him back!

There was a little tub for the kids to wash their feet before they got into the pool. It was the perfect "pool" for Leslie. She spent a lot of time in it.


Alice said...

Thanks for the laugh Leslie! You are way to cute girl!

Donnie and Jennilee said...

haha that is such an awesome photo!! looks like fun all around!

Natalie said...

How fun! You'd think there'd be free/cheap pools in AZ, but there's not! We didn't go swimming ONCE this summer! We went to our splash pad a couple of times, but that's it. :( I'd definitely miss the pools!