Sunday, June 19, 2011

You can have your cake...

and eat it, too!
Kelly and I made ladybug cupcakes for Leslie's birthday family celebration today. I stole the idea from my friend Debbie Kirby. Imagine that the ladybugs have antennae made of black licorice and you'll get the full effect - unfortunately, black licorice cannot be found in Pratt. Still, I think they turned out very cute. When we put the cupcake with the candle on her tray, Leslie grabbed for it (of course). Kelly stood behind Leslie and held her hands while I snapped the picture.
Laughing at Daddy.
Her expression just makes me crack up. She's giving her siblings "the look".
Just a little exploring

and a little taste.
She tried the oreo right away but took a while to eat the cake.
Looking at the mess she made on the floor.
I don't know that Leslie actually got any of the cake in her mouth, but the frosting is all over her face and up her arms clear to her elbows.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday cute girl! (love the cupcakes)

Natalie said...

How fun! I was just thinking about her and wondering about her birthday! Sweet girl! Hope she had a FABULOUS day! I can't believe our babies are already a year old! It seems like just yesterday we were hoping for them! :)

Jennilee said...

hey just saw both your posts, those are really good pictures of her!! i can't believe she is 27 pounds!! haha thats great. she looks happy these days!! so cute, happy birthday~!!

debbie said...

Ha! I love the cupcakes! (I stole the idea off the internet too. The original idea called for antennae made from melted chocolate chips "piped" from the corner of a cut ziploc bag on to wax paper and then put in the freezer to harden before inserting on to the cupcake. I ran out of time to do that but had some chocolate Twizzlers on hand.) I think yours turned out really cute.

My twins got distracted with the Oreo at first too. Happy Birthday Leslie!