Monday, June 4, 2012

What's on my camera... (LOTS OF PICTURES)

I am a blog slacker, for sure. I'm sorry. To update a bit, here's what's on my camera (in no particular order)....
Mother's Day
Kellly's Concert Choir.  She's on the front row, right side, with a red flower in her hair.  She is blurry because she was DANCING!
Leslie's first dental visit.  She loved it and we can't keep the toothbrush OUT of her mouth.
Christopher's visit to the dentist - the first one where he actually opened his mouth.  Beside his cleaning, he had to have three fillings - thank goodness for a DVD player and a dentist who can secretly give Christopher numbing shots.
John's 45th birthday was May 15th.  He was already living in Colorado so we sent him a birthday package including this picture of the kids.
Leslie in pigtails for the first time.
Leslie had scabs on nine of her ten toes because she dragged (drug) her feet when her brother was pushing her in one of those yellow and red play cars.
Kelly at the district Math and Science Olympiad.
Kelly singing a duet at her voice recital (her partner dropped out so her teacher sang with her).  Even though Kelly had a raging UTI (we thought it was the onset of the flu because she later had a very high temperature and was sick for days) she did SOOOOO well (I will post the video that I have of it in another post).
Christopher giving his animal report - he chose penguins.
The penguin book Christopher made - this is a picture of how a penguin moves - by sliding on his stomach.
Kelly as Hannah Elizabeth Williams Layton for the 4th Grade Wax Museum.
Christopher's fish from the fish farm field trip.
Kindergarten program
Last day of school.
Last day of school.
Viewing the solar eclipse
JJ earned his Second Class, First Class and First Aid merit badge.


Jennilee said...

loved it, love pictrues!!

Frozen Chosen said...

Yeah! I love to know you are still alive! Miss ya!