Saturday, August 4, 2012

Limon Day!

I've decided we are going to live here for a long, long, LONG (forever kind of long) time.  So what better way to become acclimated to a new town than to jump right in with both feet (and three quilts)?  (Seriously, trust me on this... I've had a lot of experience acclimating to new towns.)

Limon Days was on August 4th.  The librarian (the town info queen) convinced me to display three quilts in quilt show.  When I dropped off my quilts I visited with the lady in charge.  Joy and I agreed that we needed a quilt club in Limon.  She set out sign up to see who would be interested.  More on that venture when I finally get around to blogging October's events.
Kelly with the Dropped Nine-Patch John Deere quilt that Grandma Layton made for her.

Kelly with the Flower Garden quilt I made for her.
The piano runner I made to use during the month of July.

In addition to the quilt show and old-type craft demos (there was even a tatting demo), there were a lot of outside things - petting zoo, farm equipment display and tours at the museums.
Leslie and Kelly petting a bunny

Kelly with a beautiful white horse.  Leslie did NOT want to get close to the horse.

Wagon wheel rug demonstration

Kelly trying her hand at a miniature wagon wheel rug.  We've talked about making a large one for her new bedroom.

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The kids in front of John Deere Series G tractor.

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