Monday, July 9, 2012

Apartment Adventure

John's job compensation package includes housing.  The boss and office manager spent several weeks looking for a house they would like to rent (or buy) for us to live in.  There are a lot of houses for sale in Limon but none of them are large enough for a family with four kids or have ceilings high enough for adults who are both on the semi-tall end.  The company finally decided to build a house next to the farm shop.  So, .... On Monday, July 9, 2012, we started our Apartment Adventure!

I went to the apartment complex about 10 a.m. to sign the paperwork.  I walked through the apartment and, for the most part, it was "fine".  The carpet has some stains, the laundry room closet is missing a bi-fold door and the bathroom door has a huge hole in it.  For a time we only had one toilet that worked and one sink that worked (not in the same bathroom).  The bathtub/shower also had issues. There are very few ceiling lights in the whole apartment and of those rooms that have ceiling lights, only one room worked.  The lights in the kitchen and one bathroom didn't work.  After several days of "adventure", John's boss and the office manager finally arranged for a plumber and electrician to come out.  Aside from being on the small side for a family of six, this is a decent apartment.  The complex is just in receivership right now so getting workmen to come in and fix things is difficult.  Also, it's one of the nicest apartments in Limon.  I just wish I didn't see so many HUGE spiders.  Apartment living in Limon is not for the faint of heart - haha!
The hole in the bathroom door is the size of Leslie, our two year old who wears size 4T clothes.
There are replacement doors available but they've been sitting outside for who-knows-how-long and are probably filled with my arch-nemesis... SPIDERS.  I'd rather have this beautiful duct-tape original, made by my dear husband, John.

Tired of the weeds around the apartment, John sprayed it all with farm-grade weed killer.

Really, it's a cute apartment.

More weeds...

The main floor of the new house.   There are two bedrooms, two living spaces, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room and a laundry room on the main level.  The company is sooooo great!  I'm really excited to move in.
The basement of the new house.  It has three bedrooms, a bathroom, living space and a HUGE "Mormon Closet" for storage.  I can't wait.  With just a couple of exceptions, it's my dream house.

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