Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lost Key Adventure

Driving to Limon, the girls were with me and the boys were with John.  Kelly needed to stop for a "private moment" so I pulled off at Sinclair, WY, at a truck stop.  I had called John and told him to keep going, we'd catch up with him in a few minutes.  Kelly and I took turns staying outside with Leslie while the other went into the truck stop.  When I came out, we hopped in and got ready to go.  Unfortunately there wasn't a key on the keyring.  We searched EVERYWHERE.  We retraced our steps, inside and out of the truck stop and pulled the garbage out of the garbage can in front of the truck stop - twice.  (I had emptied the garbage in the pickup while I waited for Kelly.)  We searched all over the truck and couldn't find the key.  After about 30 minutes and several prayers and frantic phone calls to John, we found the key... down the side of the seat next to the center console.  I had looked there several times already.  The key had slipped off the keyring.  We jumped in the pickup and hurried to catch up to where John and the boys waited on the side of the road.

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