Monday, September 10, 2012

House: Part 2

The first job was to dig the hole.  Originally they were going to have the company's excavator and operator dig out the basement but there were some logistical issues so John used a little front-end loader and dug it out.  In two days he moved a ton of dirt.

John had to put up a temporary sign with the house number or else the inspectors wouldn't come out to do the inspecting.

John told Christopher that the big pile of dirt was his personal sand box.  It's caused me problems ever since because Chris wants to go play in his sand box every day.  He also played in the hole.

The crew after the second day of digging.  The basement needed to be 9 feet deep and larger than the house dimensions by three feet on each side.

There must have been scheduling conflicts or something because the hole just sat there for an entire month until the cement guys finally brought the window wells and a couple of things on October 10th.  The cement was supposed to be poured by October 1st but they didn't even start until after the 15th.  I was so happy when they arrived!

Grandma Layton, nephew Chris Bodkin and Leslie down in the hole on the 16th.

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Alice said...

Wow that's going to be one big house. I hope you enjoy it and know that us apartment dwellers are jealous.