Tuesday, September 4, 2012

House: Part 1

When John was offered the job back in April, part of the "compensation package" included housing.  That is pretty typical of farm manager jobs, we've found.  Originally the company looked for a house in town to rent or buy for us to live in.  They didn't find anything to THEIR standards in town or available close to the farm so they ultimately decided to build a house in which we can live.  It will be located on the farm, 1/4 mile from the farm shop.  It's on a little rise of a dead-end county road, about 11 miles from town.
You can see the pink flags that outline the house location.  John mowed the area so we could see how big it will be.

Just a close up of a flag and the blue border lines.
 Because the farm will own the house, they chose the basic floor plan and designed the basement.  They did, however, agree to a couple of my "demands" and John's suggestions.  For the most part I am very, VERY happy with the floor plan.
Just to clear up any misconceptions:  This is a stick-built home that is made off-site, in Nebraska, and brought in.  It will be set on and attached to a basement like a house that is built on-site.  It is NOT a trailer or a double wide.  This style of home is commonly referred to as a modular or manufactured home.  The walls will be plastered and painted, not that awful cardboard-like stuff of a double wide.  This house will be a permanent fixture on the farm and will not be able to be moved.  It will be just as safe in a tornado as an on-site built home.  The outside will be stucco.  It won't have that T bar on the side that is very typical of a double wide.  There will also be a front porch (yay!), a HUGE garage and eventually a back patio.  It will not look like a manufactured home.  It will look like a rectangular home like almost every other house in which we've lived.  The company has been very, very generous and we are very, VERY excited!

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