Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just call me the drug pusher...

I think I'm ready to go home ... wherever that is ... I think we are all allergic to Limon.  I have seriously spent more time at the doctor's office here than any other place we have ever lived.  Today I was there with two of the kids.  Leslie ended up being diagnosed with a UTI and is on an antibiotic for that.  She seems to be following in Kelly's footsteps, but that is another post entirely.  

Christopher has been complaining for the last three weeks, off and on, about a pain in his left thigh.  This morning, JJ came down the stairs to tell me that Christopher couldn't get out of bed, his leg hurt too much.  After helping Chris get dressed, I carried him down the bed and deposited him on the couch.  Moving his left leg even a little bit hurt so much that it was hard for him to lift his left leg off the ground even a couple of inches so I could slip his pants on.  I called the doctor and got him an appointment at 10 a.m.

We had to borrow a wheelchair to get him into the doctor's office.

After the initial exam, Christopher went for xrays.

How Leslie entertained herself while we were waiting for the xrays.

The diagnosis:  transient synovitis.  I've read a lot about this today and still don't completely understand it.  The bottom line is that it is unexplained pain in the hip.  Some websites say it is a type of childhood arthritis.  All agree that it is painful and mostly harmless.  There should be no long term effects and it should go away in a month or so.  Ibuprofen for the pain and crutches for the walking (at least for the next few days).  They also took two large vials of blood to run tests to rule out anything more serious.

Between all the doctor visits, illnesses, and some other things that are going on, it might be time to move back to a less "toxic" environment!


Frozen Chosen said...

Oh the craziness of life! Sorry. Good Luck with everything! It might be time for you to start writing a book- maybe something like "Betcha I'm the Only One: Finding the Humor in the Absurdities of Living in Limon" LOL Miss ya lady!

Alice said...

I agree, time for you to move back to Fargo!! (I'm sure we are less toxic) Sorry to hear about every thing that is going on, having sick kids is hard. Miss you!!