Saturday, December 1, 2012

House Part 13: Cracks and Septic

The first few pictures are of some of the cracks that happened when the house was transported.  (When I talked to the finisher today, January 6th, he said that there are actually fewer cracks in this house than he usually sees in houses that are set over a basement.  I was surprised since there are a TON of cracks.)

The next set of pictures are of the septic system.  I won't bore you with the details (mostly because I don't remember all of them), but it needs to be said that this septic system was designed with a six year old master toilet clogger in mind, and his two year old accomplice.  There are lots of clean-out places to make it easy to service.  Nothing says "I love you" like a working toilet!
The pile of dirt they removed to put in the septic tank.  It is in the ground over 10 feet deep.

The trench leading out to the leech field.
The drain pipe line.
From the roof.  You can almost see the septic tank in the big hole just below those pipes on the left.
Another view of the septic tank area.

The water trench from the well (above) and the water entrance into the house (below) as viewed from the roof.

The trench from the electrical pole to the side of the garage.  The trencher is parked in the middle of the road to keep people from driving over the ditch.

250 feet of electrical wire to go in the trench.

The water line in the garage as seen from the roof.

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