Wednesday, November 28, 2012

House Part 12: Lotsa Pipes

This next set of pictures are the plumbers installing the plumbing in the basement.

Where the downstairs bathroom will be.

The floor drain in the storage room.

Pipes ready to connect to the upstairs sinks.  From left to right:  Kitchen, laundry room and master bath (and lots of trash).

The next two are the plumber getting things plumbed for the garage.  There will be a partial (almost complete) kitchen in the garage.  It will be so great for canning parties!

For the garage sink.

Where the water pipes enter the house (kitchen window is above and dining room doors are on the right.)

The trench for the septic system.

Where the septic tank will sit.  (Greenish-blue pipes mean septic system/sewer pipes.)

The beautiful, like-new couch we found on craigslist for $50!  It's kind of red and I LOVE IT!

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