Saturday, November 24, 2012

House Part 11: Installing the Water Hydrants

Christopher helping Dad move the trencher.

John, A.K.A. Dozer 1, filling in a hole while Kelly plays in the dirt pile.

John measuring the pipes.

Gluing the pipes together.

Topper helping John install the hydrant.  The bucket is used to keep the weep hole from filling up with dirt.

John, Jiggs and Topper backfilling the hole while Big John supervises.

The finished product!  There is a hydrant like this at each corner of the house.

Inside the house there are a lot of green dots.  We haven't figured out what they are for, but we think they have something to do with the electrical being checked - maybe.

Just a picture of the kitchen to show how the drawers had all been tied shut and the refrigerator taped shut for transport.

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Lina said...

Loving that progress and that great crew!