Thursday, November 1, 2012

House: Part 5

The french drain was laid on October 29th.  I don't really know what makes a french drain French, but I do know that it is supposed to keep any ground water from flooding our house.

 Above and below... the french drain pipe along the base of the basement.

All the horizontal pipes lead to the vertical pipe at one corner of the house.  The big vertical pipe is the one we have to watch.  If it fills up with the drain water then we will need to put in a sump pump and pump it out. 

Originally the concrete guy was supposed to put all the tar on the cement basement walls.  Apparently he is too busy or something (read... no one knows why he didn't/hasn't put the tar on the walls or at least they aren't telling me- haha), so... John and Rhett, under the direction of Bill Christie, one of the subcontractors in this adventure, are painting the tar on the walls so the basement can be backfilled in the next couple of days.

(Side note:  I love Bill Christie...  He is a hero in this adventure, plus I just like him.  He's a stereo-typical crusty old man... two days worth of grizzly gray beard, hair all over the place, plaid flannel shirt open to just above the navel, cigarette-smokers raspy voice and just as nice and friendly as can be.  He reminds me a little of Mr. Edwards from the Little House series.  Plus, he's helping more on this project than he had originally been contracted to do and I am very grateful for his expertise and help.)

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