Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our activity on Sunday afternoon was carving pumpkins.  JJ wanted to just stick a couple of knives in it (preferably an axe, he said, but he'd settle for kitchen knives) but we told him he had to at least carve something for the face.  (He is sooooo 14.)  A funny tidbit- for the past couple of days the pumpkins have lived on the little ledge where JJ is sitting.  Every time Leslie and I would walk out the door or come back home from being away, she would touch each pumpkin and say the name of the sibling who carved it.  I was surprised she got them right every time!

Our cute little "bumbee".  She loved being dressed up in her costume.

Christopher waving to Leslie at the elementary school parade.

I just thought that was a dang cute tractor costume and had to take a picture of it.

Our trick-or-treaters.  Don't you love their candy buckets?  I thought the orange duct tape would be more reflective than it was.

JJ elected to stay home and pass out candy for us (he only had one group come by so he was bored).  He got a bag of his favorite candy out of the deal so it wasn't all bad.  When we got home he put on Leslie's costume and asked if he could go trick-or-treating.  On him the tutu is a little reminiscent of that scene at the mental hospital in Ace Ventura.  (And no, we didn't let him go trick-or-treating.  He had tons of candy between his own bag of treats and "donations" from Leslie's bucket.)

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