Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gone FOR 60 Seconds - The Final Chapter

(Thanks, Dad, for the title. It's perfect for this little saga and for the scrapbook layout I'm going to make.)

It's been an interesting week and a half, to say the least. I have been surprised that I haven't been more angry. I've been frustrated, but mostly I've been sad. I've been sad for us, of course, but I've also been sad for the people who were hit, sad for the man's father and sad for the man. I've just been sad.

I think the reason I have not been more angry is two-fold. Last Saturday, shortly after the police left and prior to putting the kids to bed, we knelt in family prayer. John offered the prayer. The first thing he prayed for was forgiveness and that we would have forgiving hearts. He also prayed that whomever stole our truck would be safe while driving it and, if it was the will of our Heavenly Father, the truck would be returned.

On Wednesday, while JJ and I were driving home from Hutchinson, John called to tell us the truck had been stolen again. After I hung up with him and told JJ what had happened, I started to call my parents. JJ asked me to stop dialing for a minute so he could pray (he reminded me to keep my eyes open because I was driving - haha). He prayed for forgiveness for the man who took our truck and for safety while he was driving it.

This has been a lesson for me to get rid of the anger right away and to offer forgiveness immediately.

(John just told me that the rear end is falling out of the gray truck so now we are either looking for a new vehicle or we're looking at rebuilding the rear end of this truck. Of course rebuilding is cheaper but we're running out of time because farming season is getting into full swing. I keep hoping that his bosses will tell him to take a day or two and fix his truck, but they aren't really that way.)

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