Sunday, February 6, 2011

Leslie 7 1/2 months

My parents have very politely suggested that they have not seen any new pictures of Leslie in a long time. They even told Kelly to take pictures of Leslie and email the pictures to them. Soooo..... I finally posted some pictures. In my defense, though, I've taken lots and lots of pictures but the girl is so quick that they usually look like this...Or this...
Cute, but still very fuzzy. Then, the other day, I got this one. Not too bad, but still, not great.
This morning, before Church, Leslie gave us this smile. Still a little fuzzy, but you can totally see her smiling at Kelly.
Then after Church I had Kelly hold her for a minute and we got this great picture of Leslie. Too bad Kelly wasn't looking up.

Here's a video that we took of Leslie this morning before Church. I know it looks like she's not doing anything, but I want to point out three VERY significant things...
1. No one is holding her.
2. She is sitting up - without help or being propped.
3. She is not screaming (which is HUGE since we've renamed her the Screech Owl instead of Drama Girl because she screeches ALL the time).

Just a couple of statistics about Leslie - at her six month checkup (which was actually two days before she was seven months), Leslie weighed 21 pounds, 4 ounces (greater than 95th percentile); she was 27 1/2" long (90th percentile) and her head was 17 3/4" around. The doctor said not to worry too much about her being so big and be glad she's proportional. Leslie has started making noises with a very sweet little voice - it's a HUGE change from the screaming that has dominated her vocal tries for the first six months. She says things that sound like da-da and Hi and Yeah.

And so Christopher doesn't feel left out.... Here's a picture of him with a "hairhawk" - before we cut his hair short.


RhondaLue said...

CUTE! Glad to see the pics! I'm laughing at all the blurry ones, our Ben is still like that!! LOL

Tanya said...

Holy Cow! She's grown soooo much!! Sweet pictures!

Katie said...

That video of her is precious! Thanks a ton for posting pictures!

robyn said...

I'm so glad you posted the video. It's hard to believe she is already so big. Such a sweet little lady!