Friday, May 3, 2013

8th Grade Cotillion

When I was in middle school we called it the 8th Grade Grad Dance.  Here they call it Cotillion and it's A BIG DEAL!  Many of the girls get their hair and nails done and lots of kids have dates.  Some of the boys rent tuxedos and it's just a big deal.  JJ didn't have a date and we didn't rent him a tux but he still had a fun time.  They invite the parents for the first 30 minutes when they take pictures of all the classes (middle school was 5-8th grade this year).  After the class pictures they have a mother/son and father/daughter dance and then they politely request that the parents leave so the kids can have fun.
Posing before he went to the dance.

All of the 8th graders.  In case you are wondering, there are only 27 kids in his 8th grade class.

All the girls.

All the boys.

All the boys doing a conga line.  They were not all excited about that.

The only picture we have of the mother/son dance (which lasted for less than 30 seconds for us before JJ decided he wasn't dancing with his mom anymore.  Stinker!)

John and his friend, Topper.... they are ready for the parents to leave.

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Jennilee said...

i never saw this!! how fun for them, hope they had a good time