Monday, May 6, 2013

Eastern Colorado Elementary Honor Band

Kelly tried out for an made 1st Clarinet for the Eastern Colorado Elementary Honor Band.  It's a big deal.  They had a guest conductor and spent an entire day in rehearsals and then had a performance at night.  Kelly practiced and practiced and did a great job.
She had to wear black pants and shoes and a fancier top.  We had to buy a fancier top because she is a t-shirt kind of girl.  I love the top she chose.  I have a feeling that between band and choir we'll be spending a lot of money on performance clothes.  (Usually they will be black pants and white shirt so easy to plan for.)

Kelly is in the front row, fourth from left.  I am glad she was wearing the orange shirt - made it easier to find her in the crowd!

With Grandma and Grandpa Layton (and Leslie) after the concert.  We are glad they could stay for her concert.

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Jennilee said...

i haven't seen this one either, but have seen the bus one above. way to go kelly!! nice job, and cute top