Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Grade Music Program

Kelly's third grade program, "Musical Bits & Pieces", was Thursday night. She did a great job!You can see Kelly, waiting in the back to go onto the stage. Her teacher, Mrs. Gilpin, is in the front of the line.
This picture was taken during the afternoon performance for the rest of the school.
Kelly played the boomwhackers during one of the songs (see the video below).
All I can say is thank goodness for iTunes and the free episodes I downloaded of Curious George, Jimmy Neutron and Chuggington. Between the iPod and an occasional jelly bean, Christopher was perfect during the whole evening performance!

Kelly's speaking part - "The main an exercise...for the tongue and mouth...thanks to the syllables...dee and deet."

(I can't get the other two videos to load right now. I've been trying all afternoon. I'll try it again later.)


Katie said...

great job Kelly!

Alice said...

Like the picture of Christopher with the ipod, he looks very happy. Boys and their toys.