Friday, April 29, 2011

Leap-up Day!!!

Today is Leap-up Day! That means that Christopher gets to experience kindergarten for a couple of hours. They will go to music and PE and have a snack - sounds like a great Leap-up Day to me, but he's going to be really disappointed when real kindergarten isn't like that (and it's ALL day, not just two hours). Last night, when I told him about going to school today, Christopher was excited. He woke up early this morning and got dressed without much fuss (a first!). But as the time got closer to the time we needed to leave, Christopher did NOT want to go. I was afraid of this and kept telling him the fun things he would do. By the time it was time to go, he was fine and excited to go.Having his name tag pinned on.
Playing with the Star Wars stuff when he first arrived.
Posing with Mrs. Navotny, one of the kindergarten teachers (and a friend of mine - I really hope he gets her next year!!!).

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Natalie said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I wish they did that at our school! Sam's kindergarten class has that very same rug! :D