Friday, April 29, 2011

It Must be Spring!

It must be Spring because we are doing Spring things!

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful that JJ spent the afternoon on a tandem bicycle with his friend, Jackson.

While JJ was touring the neighborhood, Kelly and Christopher (but mostly Kelly) planted flowers in one of our front flower beds. (Actually, it was the dad's idea. He's tired of looking like white trash because we have a boy who likes to farm in that flower bed - see the post here. The dad is hoping that the flowers will keep the boy out of that "field" and into the sandbox that we've had in the backyard for TWO YEARS.)

We will probably add more flowers eventually and we will plant the flower bed on the other side of the steps sometime next week, we hope.


Alice said...

If he is anything like my son he will drive his cars around the plants.

Lina said...

I love your garden!!! It is so pretty! Wish I could be there to enjoy it with you!