Sunday, April 24, 2011


We have a family tradition of making a bunny cake on Easter. Sometimes it's a sitting up bunny and sometimes it's just the face. This year we made the face bunny. (Christopher took this closeup picture of the face.)The whole bunny.
The cake decorators, Christopher and Kelly. Christopher was in charge of putting the polka dots (M&Ms) on the bow tie. Kelly was in charge of the piping. Dad frosted the blue bow tie and I frosted the white.

JJ & Christopher in their new Easter tie and vest/tie, respectively.
Kelly in her Easter dress.
Kelly holding Leslie in the "Kelly chair".
Leslie in her Easter dress and John in his new tie. Leslie hates the headband (she must be related to Grandma Layton) and you can see in the next two pictures that she is taking it off. We didn't even take it to Church because it would have ended up in the diaper bag before we even got in the doors. It's still a cute picture, though. (Kelly loves Leslie's dress and wishes there was one in her size because it's blue and it has butterflies on the fabric, little ruffles around the bottom and two flowers on the bodice.)


Tanya said...

Soooo Cute! Happy Easter!!

Alice said...

The cake is so cute. Love the Dirt Magnet shirt. The kids are all getting so big, and the girls are beautiful.