Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we were invited to the Hopkins for an Easter egg hunt. It was very relaxed and absolutely perfect! The weather was a bit chilly and there was a little bit of wind but otherwise it was perfect.Kelly, getting ready for battle.
Christopher finding eggs - an action shot!
JJ had the choice to hide the eggs or hunt for them. He's 12 now so he decided to help hide the 300 eggs. He hid some of them in the rim of the trailer. Silly boy! (As "payment" he got his favorite candy - that he didn't have to share with anyone!)

Leslie enjoyed the hunt from the top of Daddy's shoulders. (Notice that they have the same hair growth - or non-growth - patterns. Leslie looks like she has a mohawk all the time.)
I wanted to get a picture of Kelly but they had just announced that there were still more eggs to find. The kids had each already found the limit set at the beginning of the hunt and had been told to go find more. She didn't want to stop for a picture and told me we could do it later. One of the eggs Kelly found had also been "found" by a squirrel. The egg had been chewed open and all the goodies were gone. The eggs had only been hidden in the yard about 30 minutes before the hunt began. Those are fast squirrels!

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